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After the 531 New Deal, distributed photovoltaic energy storage and affordable Internet access are worth looking forward to

After the initial shock, Chinese pv companies began to calm down and think about the development of the "post-subsidy era".  


Although the 531 new policy is bound to lead to a decline in distributed pv capacity, it does not limit the scale of new, unsubsidized projects.  Enterprises that do not rely on subsidies can survive, while those that do not have cost control and research and development capabilities and cannot reach affordable Internet access are backward production capacity and will eventually be eliminated.  


In fact, the 531 new Policy has both advantages and disadvantages for the photovoltaic industry.  From the user's point of view, energy storage and affordable access to the Internet can be seen to benefit.  Let's start with energy storage.  The so-called energy storage is just like a reservoir, which can store the surplus in the off-peak period of electricity consumption and use it again in the peak period of electricity consumption. In this way, the waste of electricity is reduced, and the so-called saving is earning.  


Compared with the energy storage mode, the price of the industrial chain will decline to a certain extent due to the rapid decline in the cost of photovoltaic system and the release of capacity.  At the same time, the decline of operation and maintenance costs and financing interest rates, coupled with VAT and other preferential tax policies, the era of affordable Internet is expected to come soon.  Owners of distributed pv plants can benefit.  


Finally, we should view the new 531 policy from the perspective of development.  Because in the long run, conventional energy becomes more and more expensive as it becomes less and less used;  Solar energy is inexhaustible, and as technology advances, the cost will get lower and lower, even to zero.  Whether for personal use or online, there are profits to be made.  If the market for photovoltaic power were to expand indefinitely, the number of people who would benefit would also increase.  

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